The Goodness and Severity of God in the New Testament

Question: Hi Andrew, Once again, a superb sermon chock full of practical application. Thank you for bringing us the Word so faithfully each and every week. ... [I]n light of today's sermon (and amazingly the opening Psalm we read about the Israelites in the wilderness), I have a question. It pertains to God's dealings with [...]

Liberals Are Smarter Than Conservatives

It’s remarkable that conservatives don’t understand how Genesis (creation) and John 3:16 (redemption) hang and fall together, because liberals understand it all too well.  In one of the most quoted liberal works of the first part of the 20th century, Harvard Professor of Church History Kirsopp Lake writes: [T]he Fundamentalists are perfectly right in thinking that [...]

The Gauntlet Tossed to “The Grace Movement”

It is perhaps surprising that an essay published by group with such a fully deserved reputation for vilifying other Christians as the Trinity Foundation should be so theologically on target, not to mention uncharacteristically judicious and charitable as Timothy F. Kauffman's "Sanctification, Half Full: The Myopic Hermeneutic of the 'Grace Movement.'" Can a leopard change his [...]