Christianity: Mother of Political Liberty

"Liberty has not subsisted outside of Christianity" Lord Acton The most liberating political force in the history of mankind has been Christianity (Jn. 8:36). Christianity branched from the trunk of godly Old Testament Hebrew religion, and the ancient Hebrew commonwealth (before the era of the kings [1 Sam. 8]) was arguably the most libertarian society [...]

On the Great Invisible Ideology of Our Time

Excerpted from a lecture scheduled to be delivered at Trinity Evangelical Church, Pratt, Kansas, Sunday, September 30 Today we live in a radically secular culture.  Secularization does not mean that people no longer believe in God.  It means that people no longer believe that God has any interest in culture. “[T]he process of secularization,” states [...]

Our Political Battles Choose Us — We Don’t Get to Choose Them

I promised Uri Brito, a friend, pastor and zealot for Jesus Christ that I’d respond to his irenic post on political strategy. I told Uri’s fine congregation last May that if I lived in Pensacola, I’d attend his church just to hear (and watch) him sing.  What a rare and gifted man of God. Uri [...]