7000 Straight-Legs at the Knee-Benders’ Convention

In a recent article in Faith for All of Life, a publication of the Chalcedon Foundation,[1] an article by the late founder, R. J. Rushdoony appeared. We read, among a number of valuable assertions about the Old Testament prophecy of Zechariah, this head-turner: Today those who represent the cause of Christ are a handful. Virtually [...]

In Praise of “Dysfunctional” Government

With the so-called “fiscal cliff” legislation still in the balance, we have been hearing from many quarters lately (even from Germany) that government in Washington has become “dysfunctional”: “What did we elect those good-for-nothing inside-the-beltway loafers for: to get something done!” But many times the best part of getting something done is getting nothing done. [...]