Emancipation for Same-Sex Marriage, Pedophilia and Rape

CNN's Howard Kurtz states that same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue and favorably cites a fellow reporter that homosexual marriage is "the great civil rights issue of our time." Homosexuals, in fact, are simply the latest mascots in the Left's perennial emancipation crusade, the war against all possible oppression in the world, wherever it [...]

Lordship Salvation Is Not Enough: A Response to John MacArthur

John MacArthur has registered his protest against the widely circulated The Manhattan Declaration (MD), a document championing explicitly Christian ethics in the face of political correctness and hammered out by conservative Christian leaders Robert George, Timothy George and the late Chuck Colson. MacArthur doesn’t dispute the ethical truths the MD is defending, but he charges [...]

Sancificatio Sola Fide

Justification is the act in which God declares believing sinners righteous on the basis of Jesus' death and resurrection (Rom. 5:9–10). Sanctification is both the act by which God sets apart believing sinners to be his holy people in thought, word and deed (1 Cor. 1:30), called definitive sanctification, as well as the process by [...]

Our Political Supply-and-Demand Problem

Barack Obama was re-elected. He’s basically a soft-core Marxist. His radical views didn’t sneak up on and outwit an unsuspecting populace; unlike in 2008, they knew what they were voting for. They knew he’d bulldozed his nationalized (= socialist) health care plan into law without a single Republican vote.  (So much for bipartisanship.) He didn’t [...]