The Cultural Tail Wags the Political Dog

The text of a talk delivered at the CCL East Coast Symposium on November 23, 2013 in Shepherdstown, West Virginia Perhaps you've seen the movie titled Wag the Dog, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro and Willie Nelson. It's about a president who invents a crisis in the Balkans in order to divert attention from [...]

Subordinationist Patriarchy and Twisted Trinitarianism

I’ll respond briefly to my old friend Bill Einwechter’s rejoinder to my article “The ‘Patriarchy’ Problem.” I have long thought that Bill is the most theologically astute, consistently practicing, and personally winsome of the patriarchalists, and they are wise to enlist him to champion their cause.  This present post responding to him presupposes that the [...]

Intellect as Culture

Below are introductory remarks made at CCL's 2013 West Coast Symposium in downtown San Francisco last weekend: We need first to know what culture is. We do that best by distinguishing nature (or creation) from culture. John M. Frame captures this distinction: “Creation is what God makes; culture is what we make.” Culture is quite [...]