A Lamb for a Household: A Theology of Family Salvation

  Text: Exod. 12:1–14 Introduction From Moses’ account of the first Passover we learn great truths about two themes: we learn about God’s way of saving us, and we learn how important the family is in that plan. Before we learn important truths from the Passover about household salvation, we need to learn important truths from [...]

Easter Culture

  It’s easy to think about the implications of Jesus’ resurrection for individuals. It’s especially easy to do this in our time, because we are a highly individualistic society. What’s most important in life is what affects me. I am the sole judge of my “values” and my fate. “No one has the right to [...]

“Narratives”: Pervasive Genteel Disbelief

We have this term now in circulation: “the narrative.” It is one of those somewhat pretentious academic terms that has wormed its way into common speech, like “gender” or “significant other,” bringing hidden freight along with it.  Everywhere you look, you find it being used, and by all kinds of people. Elite journalists, who are [...]