Making Babies in a Brave New World, by Scott Masson

Below is an insightful article from my friend Scott Masson (Ph.D., Durham), Associate Pastor at Westminster Chapel for College & Careers, Associate Professor of English Literature at Tyndale University College, specializing in the areas of hermeneutics and literary theory, and a Fellow at the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity. Dr. Masson is a remarkably perceptive and courageous critic of contemporary [...]

Radicalism Is Killing Liberalism

In early 20th century Russia, the Marxist revolutionaries hated the liberal democrats even more than they hated the czarist empire (which was notably hateworthy). The conservative monarchy was autocratic and corrupt, but the liberal alternative, with its Western-style emphasis on free institutions, checks and balances, and procedural democracy stood squarely in the way of Lenin’s headlong [...]

The Religious Apostasy of Economic Interventionism

Introduction The prevailing economic worldview of Western elites[1] in our time is interventionist.  By this I do not refer to the idea that the valid role of the state in economics is guaranteeing a level playing field (enforcing contracts, suppressing fraud, and such).  This is just what the state should do, but that view is [...]