White (and Black and Red and Yellow and Brown) Privilege

What I find most objectionable in Matt Chandler’s comments about the Ferguson, Missouri conflagration (literally) is his remarkably unverified and unverifiable statement that "white people, in most cases, have easier paths than most black people," and, in particular the utter omission, if he is going that route, of addressing secular privilege, female privilege, Asian privilege, homosexual privilege, [...]

An Economic KICK (Keep It Complex, Knucklehead)

You have, no doubt, heard the famous advice to speakers, writers and salesmen, expressed in the abbreviation KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. It's good advice for speaking, writing and sales. But it's bad advice for other activities.In fact, the bleating of sincere, moralistic souls for simplicity in modern life is often, by intent or not, [...]

Junk Culture, Join It, or Change it?

Until recent times, Christianity was a dominant force in the Western world. To one degree or another, and usually to a large degree, Christianity shaped the culture. By culture, I mean the external manifestations of the inward, guiding impulse of a society: its education, arts, politics, technology, economy, and so on. This impulse is always religious. Culture, in the words of [...]