“Social Justice” and Jell-O Nomenclature

Adapted from an introduction to the Center for Cultural Leadership's 2014 West Coast symposium on "Social Justice: A Christian View" in Saratoga, California, October 25We’re talking today about social justice. “Social justice” has become ubiquitous in sociopolitical discourse. It’s what I like to term “Jell-O nomenclature”: its meaning is obvious until you actually have to [...]

Political Conservatives Are (Finally) Figuring Out that Culture Trumps Politics

Some of the most significant words written by a political conservative in the United States in the last quarter century are here, uttered not by a United States citizen, but by Canadian conservative Mark Steyn. He (finally?) understands that in a constitutional democracy, all of the political victories in the world cannot overturn a single [...]

On Being Proudly Neo-Reformational

  In the current atmosphere of conservative Christian cultural engagement, the Center for Cultural Leadership stands squarely within the neo-Reformational (or neo-Calvinist) paradigm (most notably in the thinking of Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck, Herman Dooyeweerd, and Cornelius Van Til, today championed also by John M. Frame). Its leading features with reference to culture are: The [...]