Thanksgiving Isn’t Christmas’ Entrance Ramp

If you assume that Thanksgiving has been canceled this year, you might be forgiven. Wall-to-wall commercials for Black Friday began even earlier this year — some of them I heard as early as October. Let’s be clear: as a proponent of God’s moral law and, therefore, of free markets, I have no objection whatsoever to [...]

Why You Should Not Sign “The Marriage Pledge”

First Things (FT) has launched a crusade to get pastors out of the marriage-ceremony-performing business, or, as they would no doubt prefer, out of the business of government-sanctioned marriage-ceremony performance. The problem for “The Marriage Pledge” they are pushing is that these two practices are identical. A dispute among allies FT is one of our [...]

Political Prognostication Isn’t Rocket Science

Perhaps the greatest and most pernicious sociopolitical myth of the last two centuries is that social predictions are a form of science ("social science"), that human behavior can be predicted like spaceship trajectories. This is a perennial Leftist myth that conservatives (especially political prognosticators) sometimes embrace. ESA just put a space probe on a comet [...]

A Chief Role of Conservative Politicians Is to Stay Out of the Way

The chief task of political conservatives in a majority position in modern constitutional republics (like the new Republican Congress) is to impede the relentless progressive rush by (1) protecting the family and the church, (2) slowing the growth of government, and (3) restoring the rule of law. Politicians in such societies are not particularly important [...]