Theological Presuppositions and Political Liberalism

Here is an excerpt from the talk "Theological Presuppositions of Political Liberalism" that I'll be delivering Wednesday, April 1 at the Oklahoma City PAC. Worldview and politics . . . [W]hen we consider politics, we are considering much more than politics. We’re considering a life system, a worldview, as we say. Our political views are [...]

Andrew’s Early April Schedule in Oklahoma City

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC) OCPAC LUNCHEON, 12:00 NOON “Theological Presuppositions of Political Liberalism” Olivet Baptist Church 1201 NW 10th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106 COST: $7 to eat, $1 to attend THURSDAY, APRIL 2 RECLAIMING AMERICA FOR CHRIST PASTORS’ LUNCHEON, 12:00 NOON “The (Christological) Promises Crush the (Cultural) Evil” Twin [...]