Planned Parenthood’s Apostate Way of Being 

Don't be surprised at the major media blackout on the escalating Planned Parenthood debacle. Abortion is a part of the plausibility structure of the Sexual Revolution, in which media elitists and other institutional leftists are passionately invested. While aborted preborn children are, quite literally, hacked to death on the altar of radical sexual autonomy and [...]

Beware the Protestant Caste System

One of the main criticisms the Reformers leveled at the Roman Catholic Church was its dualistic scheme of spirituality. The truly spiritual ones were the priests and others in church leadership, the monks and nuns sequestered from ordinary life, and, after death, the saints, who were super-exalted Christians. The Reformers didn’t consider this caste system [...]

Can You Help CCL’s Culture-Redeeming Work in England?

Dear Friends, If you could help CCL champion Christian culture halfway around the globe, would you do it? Through the help of long-time friends and CCL donors, Sharon and I have an opportunity later this month to visit England (London, Taunton, Cambridge, Dover, and the Lake Country). In addition, by the intervention of CCL colleagues [...]