A Brief Clarification

UPDATE: November 30, 2015 Pastor Randy Booth recently contacted me to remind me that it was he, not Pastor Wilson, who had contacted me to endorse the book mentioned in the post below. (Pastor Booth is the co-author.) In my initial post, I mentioned Pastor Wilson and not Pastor Booth as the contact since I [...]

Fall 2015 Southwest Speaking Tour

October 23–24 West Coast CCL Symposium, Saratoga, California (private event) “Sexual Worldview: Christian v. Secular”   October 28, noon Oklahoma City Political Action Committee Location TBD “Bad Church Ideas That Hinder Godly Political Obedience” October 30, 7 p.m. Fellowship of Mere Christianity Living by Faith Church, McAllen, Texas “The Church Gospel and the Gospel Church” [...]

The New Religious Establishment Jailed Kim Davis

Kim Davis was jailed not because she refused to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples but because a new religious establishment has finally reshaped the law order on which the United States was founded. The fundamental transformation is religious, not legal. Law as religion Every law order reflects the religious foundation in which it is anchored. [...]