Worldview Clustering

Delivered at the Center for Cultural Leadership West Coast Symposium on "The Brave New Sexual World(view), October 24, 2015   Did you even notice how people often line up together on an entire range of seemingly unrelated social and political issues? Why are socialists usually pro-same-sex “marriage”? Why are most environmentalists against capital punishment? Why [...]

Dualism: “Christian” Enemy of Christian Culture

One of the greatest enemies of Christian culture within the church is dualism. Broadly speaking, dualism is the division of life into two overarching spheres or principles, generally antithetical to one another. Likely the earliest dualism was Gnosticism,[1] which posited two gods, the good god of the mind and spirit and the evil god of [...]

Why the Culture Wars Cannot Possibly Be Over

Behind the “culture wars” lies a foundational biblical premise: that man’s creational calling is to steward the earth for God’s glory (Gen. 1:26–28). Man is God’s deputy in stewarding the entire created order to bring all glory to him. We denote this calling the “cultural mandate.” This means that God’s interests are larger than the [...]