The Failure of Secular Arguments for Marriage

While Christians welcome specific secular arguments for marriage that contribute to sound public policy, our civilization can’t eventually avoid a head-on clash between Christian sexual ethics and non-Christian sexual ethics as they play themselves out in our culture. The problem with secular arguments for sexual ethics (including arguments for “traditional” marriage [= marriage]) is that [...]

Top 10 Movies of 2016

1. La La Land — old-fashioned musical, unabashedly heterosexual, grown-up, pitch-perfect in almost every way  2. Zootopia — mesmerizing, and oh those sloths manning the DMV  3. Hell or High Water — revisionist modern Western, gratifyingly slow-paced with exquisite character development  4. Eye in the Sky — uncharacteristically balanced treatment of modern warfare, and almost [...]

Social Justice Isn’t

  We hear a lot about social justice these days. The January 21, 2017 Women’s March in Washington D.C. and Atlanta was billed as championing social justice. We even hear the expression “social justice Christians,” that is, Christians interested in social justice since, presumably, other Christians are not. Cru, the ministry once known as Campus [...]