Two Forms of Racism 

There are two chief forms of racism in the West.  First, the garden-variety, traditional racism of the antebellum South, the KKK and the current white supremacist sort. It is abominable and abhorrent. Fortunately, this form of racism is proportionately less pervasive than at any time in history. Second, there is the ideological racism of Libertarian [...]

Today’s Contest of Rival Religions 

Secularism is simply a temporary, transitional intellectual and cultural phase between the Christian Faith and neo-paganism, as Peter Jones has demonstrated. All of us are created in God's image and therefore are at root religious beings. When we turn away from the triune God, we do not become irreligious; we eventually adopt another religion, even [...]

The Ideological Roots of the Present Political Upheaval 

Over the last 300 years, three chief political ideologies have dominated Western societies. While they can coexist and have coexisted, they do not coexist peacefully, and each seeks dominance. First, there is old-line, caste conservatism, including (sometimes) racial slavery. This version of conservatism is often, though not always, associated with monarchies: British, Spanish and French, [...]