A Tale of Two Racisms

Biblical Christians, of all people, should not avoid or tiptoe around the issue of race. Shout it from the housetop without fear or favor: racism is anti-Christian. White supremacy is evil. Leftist identitarianism is evil. The idea that whites are superior to blacks is evil. The idea that whites are "structurally" racist is evil. The [...]

“Deep Culture”: CCL Symposium Nov. 3

2018 Center for Cultural Leadership Symposium, San Francisco, Saturday, November 3   The symposium will be held at a lovely, scenic hotel overlooking San Francisco Bay. (To avoid unwanted press and controversy, we don’t publicly disclose the location. Let’s just say that our sociopolitical views are not in harmony with the predominant views in San Francisco.) Our symposium is [...]

To Oppose “Social Justice” is to Oppose Cultural Marxism, by Ardel Caneday

The author is Professor of New Testament & Greek, University of Northwestern—St. Paul Joel McDurmon wrote “A Response to the Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel.” This brief essay makes no effort to address all his concerns but focuses narrowly on one aspect, namely the third point for why he claims that he will [...]