Romancing Utopia

I detest the notion of a new dawn in which Homo sapiens would live in harmony. The hope this utopia engenders justified the bloodiest exterminations in history.   François Bizot[1] In his brief but weighty tract Communism: A History,[2] Harvard historian Richard Pipes observes what others before him[3] have noted — the driving force behind [...]

The Deity of Jesus Christ as Jewish Monotheism

My Christology will never be the same. In his God Crucified: Monotheism & Christology in the New Testament, Richard Bauckham argues that: The deity of Jesus as an aspect of orthodox Christology did not develop in the patristic church but was already a tenet of the first (Jewish) church that had sufficient categories to identify [...]

It’s the Ecclesiology, Stupid

On Being Honestly Wrong Jason Stellman was correct to relinquish his Protestant ministerial credentials when he became no longer convinced of the distinctive Protestant dicta of sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) and sola fide (faith alone). Jason was confessionally bound (Westminster Confession of Faith) to both distinctives in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and the [...]