Prayer, Covenant, and the Nations

The ascended Lord is presently ruler of the nations, trampling down his enemies by Spirit, gospel and law, and our prayer, evangelism, and life should aggressively reflect this cosmic reign…

The Alt-World

Satan offers man an alternative reality to God’s good created world, but God in Christ is de-privileging, deconstructing, and demolishing that world. Listen here.

Easter Anthropology

“Ancient pagan views of man infested the church and have led to Christian withdrawal from God’s good world. Easter radically overturns this error.” Read the rest here.

Contra Contrarians

We must not refuse to stand with majorities when they are right, any more than we may stand with majorities when they are wrong, simply because they are majorities. Read…

Recovering Regal Soteriology

To lure sinners with the delights of eternal life while obscuring the demands of Christ’s Lordship over them is a supreme evangelistic cruelty. Read the post here.

No Longer Together 4 the Gospel

“T4G has painfully learned that because theology is the fruit of worldview, a generally sound theology, while creditable, is no guarantee of biblical fidelity.” Read the rest here.

Statism as Toleration

Statism is tolerant of any ideas and actions that will guarantee and enhance its own authority, and undermines or dilutes institutions like the family and the church that compete with…

The Fundamentalist Temptation

Fundamentalism, while sincere, sold virile Christianity into 20th century cultural bondage, and wherever it rears its head, it ends up emboldening that cultural depravity. Read the article here.

Vaccine Mandates and Crony Statism

Biblical law relating to protecting human life is preventive, not preemptive. Aside from preventing the reckless, direct threat to human life, civil law may not intrude on human liberty. Read…

Apostasy and Assurance

“If we’re united to Jesus Christ, we will persevere and cannot apostatize, and we can have rock-solid assurance that we cannot.” Read the rest here.

The Outward Turn

“The ‘inward turn’ of modernity has finally transformed every autonomous human into a rebellious reality-manufacturer and reduced muscular public Christianity to a jejune private mystery religion.” Read the rest here.

Allegiant Baptism

Introduction Few topics generate more theological debate with less  productivity than baptism. I observed recently a reignition on social media of the baptist-paedobaptist dispute; and as nearly always, it included…