Resistance Theology Versus Resignation Theology

To Jeffery J. Ventrella, Resistance Theologian One day a worm that had been burrowing into the forehead of a medieval Mother Superior fell out as she bent over. Believing that all human suffering is God’s will, she reinserted the worm into her forehead.[1] She was committed to the pervasive, masochistic, and evil theology of resignation [...]

Christians Must Be Conservative, and Conservatives Must Be Christian

Political conservatives are interested in government. One of conservatism’s chief distinctives is commitment to small government: restoring states’ rights, reducing taxes, and deregulating business, for example. Conservatives deplore ever-expanding government intrusion into citizens’ lives. They stand for the Constitution, largely because our Founders believed in limited government. Jesus Christ, too, is interested in government. We [...]

Wanted: Young Radicals for Truth

If Jesus Christ is worth believing, he's worth following radicially  Humanism has infested the evangelical church. One of its chief traits is antinomianism, abandoning God’s written law. Conceptually, antinomianism begins with denying the Bible’s inerrancy. Francis A. Schaeffer called biblical inerrancy the“watershed” issue among evangelicals.[1] It divides true evangelicals from pretenders. More and more, evangelical [...]

The Evangelical Singleness-Celibacy Paradigm Is Wrong

Evangelicals tend to be mimics. The surrounding apostate culture invents a trend, and evangelicals eventually adopt it, usually decorating it with a pious veneer. This is the case with the current widespread marginalization of and assault on marriage. Some moderns argue that ours is the best of times (or at least an improving time) for [...]