Baptist and Paedobaptist Very Hot Takes

For some reason the temperature of the perennial arguments between Baptists and paedobaptists has spiked, though it seems to me most of the faulty hot takes lately have been over-microwaved by my fellow paedobaptists.

Here’s a humble exhortation from somebody that’s been on both sides of this issue and studied it for 40 years:

If you can’t conduct yourself civilly without making incendiary and, in some cases ridiculous, accusations, just keep quiet.

Better yet: arrive at your position, hold it firmly, and don’t loudly try to convince everybody else in the world, or people outside your own church or community.

The barbarians currently storming the cultural gates couldn’t care less whether you’re a Baptist or paedobaptist.

Know the enemy. And he is neither a Baptist nor a paedobaptist.


One thought on “Baptist and Paedobaptist Very Hot Takes

  1. Richard says:

    Yes Andrew, you are right….but the only problem with keeping my mouth shut, is that I’m an “Italian hothead “!……

    But seriously, these in-house debates on paedo and Baptist do create divisions for me, as I need to leave the PAEDO church that I attend now…….

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