The Tranzies

ANoUPCv2.tifIn his The Servile Mind: How Democracy Erodes the Moral Life, Kenneth Minogue refers to “transnational progressives,” or “tranzies” for short. These are political Leftists who hold in contempt ordinary patriotism and patriots and local and national laws and customs and instead champion “global” justice and jurisprudence, which always, just coincidentally, seem to fill out the progressive agenda: population control, abortion rights, same-sex marriage, socialism, radical feminism, children’s rights, and so forth. Tranzies often claim to embrace democracy, but they are avid foes of any localized democracy that doesn’t conform to their Leftist ideology. Indeed, the entire agenda of the tranzies is shaped by a contempt for any non-progressive worldview.  For this reason, they are madly in love with any form of jurisdiction that overrides local and national jurisdictions: international tribunals and criminal courts, United Nations, international peacekeeping forces, and global governments. Tranzies, like Robespierre, Stalin and Pol Pot, find the checks and balances of the Anglo-American (and Christian) political tradition stifling: why rely on checks and balances when you know the truth and can enact it immediately? Tranzies have a robust confidence in their own wisdom, rivaled only by their contempt of the common people, who need the wise and virtuous and disinterested— people like them, of course — to lead the world.

The success of tranzies spells the defeat of true democracy (Constitutional government bounded by a bill of rights), and to the extent that tranzies win, the United States as we have known it will vanish.


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