1. God created the world and all that’s in it (including man and woman, in his image) in six days and pronounced everything he’d made as “very good.”


  1. Man and woman sinned under Satan’s temptation — breaking God’s heart and his law and eliciting his judgment and the pollution of the “very good” world.


  1. God in his grace promised to send a Redeemer to vanquish sin in the lives of humans and in the entire creation.


  1. If you trust in that Redeemer, Jesus Christ, alone for salvation, God will wash away the guilt and judgment of your sin (immediately) and the corruption and power of your sin (incrementally) and covenant with you to be your Father both now and in eternity.


  1. Human history is God’s laboring-ground for displaying his matchless power and grace and overthrowing Satan and sin and creating a temporal and, eventually, an eternal world exhibiting his love and glory and power and justice over the entire created universe.