CCL Doesn’t Trumpet Unclear Battle Sounds

February 2015 Update

In fact, if the trumpet makes an unclear sound, who will prepare for battle?

1 Corinthians 14:8

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The horrific Islamofascist murderers at Charlie Hebdo, the popular satirical newspaper in Paris, have exposed the dire crisis in Western liberalism, whose guiding principle has become multiculturalism. This is the relativistic idea that cultures must be judged by their own standards and that there is no overarching, universal moral standard that judges them all. But what happens when one culture’s moral standard requires (or is interpreted to require) the slaughter of individuals deemed to have offended that culture’s zealous adherents? In other words, how does the new Western elite multiculturalist order assimilate violent, but principled, anti-multiculturalists? Our new elites understandably abhor these murders, but their own premise lacks the moral fiber to condemn them as evil. Long ago Western liberalism gave up on clear-sounding trumpets, and now it is hastily packing up its trumpets before a murderous band with the moral fiber, albeit perverse, to trumpet its perversity without compromise.

Not so CCL. Our trumpet rings out loud and clear: The Bible is infallible. Historic Christian orthodoxy is true. Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone is man’s only hope. God’s moral law applies in all times and places. Abortion is murder. Extramarital sex (including homosexuality) is sin. State socialism is legalized theft. Porn is destructive. Islam is a false religion. The New Age is diabolical. Human egg harvesting and surrogacy are unethical. God blesses obedience and judges disobedience — both in individuals and cultures.

Today, many ministries’ trumpets have grown suspiciously unclear — or have stopped altogether. CCL does not intend to follow them. The last thing our chaotic culture needs from Christian ministries is ambiguity or silence. Christians can’t expect to re-create Christian culture if their leading ministries can’t muster the courage or knowledge to trumpet the truth.

CCL specializes in truth-trumpeting — firmly, clearly, boldly. Every conference, symposium, sermon, book, booklet, article, and blog post is calculated to blast the trumpet without equivocation.

If you believe in truth-trumpeting amid a decadent culture, would you pray about sending a tax-deductible gift to CCL today here. Or would you send a check to:

Center for Cultural Leadership

P. O. Box 100

Coulterville, CA 95311

Will you keep us on the front battle-lines of truth-trumpeting?


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