Planned Parenthood’s Apostate Way of Being 

Don’t be surprised at the major media blackout on the escalating Planned Parenthood debacle. Abortion is a part of the plausibility structure of the Sexual Revolution, in which media elitists and other institutional leftists are passionately invested. While aborted preborn children are, quite literally, hacked to death on the altar of radical sexual autonomy and are a discarded by-product (though, as we now know, dismembered and sold for profit) of an entire apostate worldview, please understand that the life and health of these vulnerable humans conceived in God’s image are simply not a part of this worldview. Theirs is (to borrow from Heidegger) an apostate way of being in the world. Leftists into which this worldview has burrowed deeply will not find the graphic disclosure of these facts unsettling — apart from the PR nightmare they might engender. It is the response, not the holocaust, that is unsettling to this apostate worldview. 


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