UPDATE: November 30, 2015

Pastor Randy Booth recently contacted me to remind me that it was he, not Pastor Wilson, who had contacted me to endorse the book mentioned in the post below. (Pastor Booth is the co-author.) In my initial post, I mentioned Pastor Wilson and not Pastor Booth as the contact since I surmised that the former had enlisted the latter to approach me on his behalf. Pastor Booth assures me this is not correct: Pastor Booth approached me exclusively of his own accord. Therefore, my second sentence as it stands, while not intentionally inaccurate, is inaccurate. I sincerely apologize for any confusion or injury this misattribution may have caused.


I was surprised to learn of the appearance of my endorsement of a book on justice co-authored by Pastor Douglas Wilson in a recent blog of his. A few months ago he kindly requested a hurried endorsement of this book. I was surprised by the request since it was the only time he has asked me to endorse a book. Though he didn’t leave me much time to peruse it (I was on the road speaking), it looked like a good book exposing the Leftist canard of justice, so I decided after prayer to draft a brief endorsement. Though Doug and I have had a difference or two over the years, I always try to be charitable (even in fervent disagreement), and endorsing the book would (I believed, and believe) be a charitable thing to do.

My endorsement for some reason did not appear in the printed version of the book, so I thought that the fact that it now appears for the first time, at this particular juncture, in one of Doug’s blogs might warrant a quick note of clarification for my friends.

I am willing to question and criticize actions and words, but not motives, and I am confident that the motives of Pastor Wilson’s inclusion of this endorsement are godly. However, an unintended effect (as opposed to intention) at this present time might be the inference by readers that I endorse coddling pedophiles, publicly mocking godly critics, and favoring convicted sex abusers over their victims. My friends know that I find these actions godless and reprehensible.

Sensing how my endorsement (as it has recently been contextualized) might be interpreted, I must mention that had I known then what I know now, I would not have consented to endorse the book. But I did endorse it in the good faith that my endorsement would in some small way bring glory to God. Since I acted in faith and charity, I do not regret my endorsement.