I was an opponent of the Patriarchy Movement from almost the beginning, before it (rightly) became the pariah among Bible-believing conservatives it is today. I have justly been identified as one of its leading public antagonists. Here is an example; and another; and yet another. My views on this issue have been well-known for many years. Godly people have disagreed with me, and I respect their disagreement. Last week I posted a succinct Facebook update criticizing “patriarchy” in this precise vein. Pastor Douglas Wilson, after all these years, seemed to take umbrage at my snippet and drafted a long, defensive blog post to express himself. From what I can tell, he agreed with most of my criticisms of “patriarchy.” He agreed so vehemently that he challenged me to a debate.


Conventional wisdom suggests that the underdog in any contest challenges the frontrunner to a debate, but if so, in this case I’m not the upper dog the pastor needs to debate.


In addition, while I hate the distraction of offering another clarification, for friends and supporters I want to correct a couple of factual errors. Pastor Wilson wrote:


“… Andrew Sandlin has (apparently) taken down his earlier posts supporting Natalie’s story.”


This is false. I haven’t supported anyone’s “story,” and I have removed no link. It has been there all along, and it took me a grand total of 4 minutes to find it.


Pastor Wilson writes,


“Christians like —-, —-, and Andrew Sandlin were taken in by Natalie.”


This also is false. This young lady as a child was raped by one of Doug’s college students. The fact that I have made brief FB comments bemoaning the (generic) church’s treatment of child abusers — and the abused — and encouraged and mourned this courageous young woman is not tantamount to being “taken in.”


Pastor Wilson seems constantly to find himself in loud public quarrels with Bible-believing Christians and is under siege just now (again). Having been under siege once or twice before myself, I do understand how one can make factual errors, especially at those pressurized times.


This brief note corrects those factual errors.