Unhealthy Cultures Invite Political Quacks


Heather Wilhelm’s “America’s Daddy Issues” documents the federal government’s recent proposal to enlist the public schools to be “equal partners” with parents in rearing their children, including teachers visiting parents’ homes and providing assessments. I’m afraid to ask what the feds will do if the parents are deemed to be “failing.” It’s easy — and right —to blame the (literally) “nanny state” for this unconscionable infringement, but it could never have happened without massive familial failure: divorce’s broken homes, absentee fathers, feminist mothers, drug-addicted teenagers. This is a profound cultural illness that has invited a political “cure.” In fact, we can say that statists have seen this cultural illness as a golden opportunity. When the family and church fail, the political quacks are right there to step in and “help.”

CCL’s mission is chiefly cultural, not political. Our goal to heal the sick culture, and in doing that, we’ll drive back the statist quacks.

CCL is forming plans to spearhead with Reclaim America (founded by the late D. James Kennedy) to launch the Institute of Christian Leadership, a top-notch bi-monthly pastors’ program, training them in the truth and methods of cultural redemption. In addition, Brian Mattson and I will lecture for the Blackstone Legal Fellowship this summer. Brian will lecture for the Institute for Biblical and Theological Studies in Budapest. He’ll also be debating “Thomas Aquinas and Natural Law” with other top-flight scholars in a prominent academic forum. I will lecture for the Wilberforce Academy in Cambridge, England this September.

Next month I’ll be sending Holy Week for an Unholy World, which will include my original poetry from 25–30 years ago. In April I’ll send Jeffery J. Ventrella’s Christ, Caesar, and Self, but it should release in a few weeks. The following writings should also be out this year: the Honorable William Graves’ Prudent Jurisprudence: Essays on Law and Politics; my own God’s Promises Crush the Cultural Evil and The Gospel That Reclaims Culture. Bill Blankschaen’s book with Red State’s Erick Erickson You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe will release this month. Richard A. Sandlin is in the final (dissertation) phase of his Ph.D. program.

CCL is all about healing cultural illnesses. Can you help us to greater healing work by sending a tax-deductible gift? You can donate here or by sending a check to:

Center for Cultural Leadership

P. O. Box 100

Coulterville, CA 95311

May God bless you, however you can help. I need each of you.


With deep gratitude and respect,

P. Andrew Sandlin



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