Recovering Personal Responsibility in Our Culture of Victimhood, Blame-Shifting, and Identity Politics



Every year, the Center for Cultural Leadership hosts for its friends and supporters at least one major symposium on a critical cultural issue. CCL is a think tank, so we value thoughtful discussions that can lead to godly change in our families, churches and wider society. In addition, and no less importantly, we value friendships, and we are confident that godly change occurs as much by cultivated friendships as it does in other ways. 


Our 2017 symposium will be Saturday, December 2 at a gorgeous hotel on San Francisco Bay. The theme is “Recovering Personal Responsibility in Our Culture of Victimhood, Blame-Shifting, and Identity Politics.” At this time in our culture’s history, I’m not sure there are many topics as relevant. Presenters include David L. Bahnsen, Brian G. Mattson, Jeffery J. Ventrella, and me. Just as important, all attendees are invited to be part of the discussion, and we treasure that contribution. Our goal: not one attendee goes away without a greater knowledge of how to influence our culture in distinctly Christian ways — and the courage to do it.


This event is not a conference in the conventional sense. Rather, it will be a discussion — more accurately, five, fifty-minute discussions (with breaks). All guests will be invited to enter the discussions. There will be no recordings, and you will be permitted to discuss pertinent issues freely, as long as you are gracious and respectful. 


This event will not be open to the general public, and attendance is capped at 45.  There is no cost, but you must be invited.


Plus, you get to spend at least one day rubbing shoulders with like-minded, culturally attuned Christians, renewing old friendships and making new ones. 


Our objective is three-fold: (1) to furnish a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere in which Christians committed to godly cultural change can discuss relevant issues and suggest strategies leading to effective cultural action; (2) to foster a thoughtful, respectful, prayer-drenched camaraderie among these diverse but like-minded Christians; and (3) to create a network of these Christians that can work both individually and collaboratively to bring God glory by reclaiming our culture according to distinctly Christian truth.


It’s also a great time to take in the gorgeous scenery of the Bay Area. The culture and politics may be bad in San Francisco, but the scenery and weather are great!


I am committed increasingly to the younger Christians (late teens and 20s and 30s) who must perpetuate the culture-reclaiming message of a robust Christian Faith. I’m convinced few messages are more vital today for this age group than our symposium theme: personal responsibility. I want to get specially selected young adults there. Can you help me do that? 


First, if you have children or other young adult relatives open to influencing the world for Jesus Christ, can you let me know so that I might invite them? Second, can you sponsor one or more attendees? The cost (tax deductible) is $250 per person. I would be happy if as many as half our attendees this year are young Christian adults whom we can influence for the kingdom. In addition, please save the date and let me know if you’re planning to attend.  


Contact me: sandlin[at]saber[dot]net or 831-420-7230. You can also send a private Facebook message. I look forward to hearing from you.




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