To Rod Dreher: Ours Is a Pre-Christian World 

Rod Dreher has solicited responses from ordained ministers asking whether they are sufficiently courageous to acquaint their congregants or audiences with the present dire apostasy afflicting our society. Below is my response:


I am a long-ordained Reformational minister committed to credal, Bible-believing Christianity. I’m a member of the Fellowship of Mere Christianity.

I agree almost entirely with your diagnosis of the present apostasy, both ecclesial and cultural, but not with your dire prognosis. Everywhere I travel, I preach and lecture on the very evidences of cultural evil you raise; but I would suggest you abolish the moniker post-Christian, or at least replace it with the more accurate post-Christendom. The vestiges of the Constantinian Settlement are disintegrating, but the best days of Christianity are ahead of us.

The Bible is replete with promises about the victorious gospel, so it is more accurate to say that we live in pre-Christian days. Pessimism is simply not a Christian virtue, and the measure of our eschatological pessimism is the measure of our overweening unbelief.

In Jesus Christ, we are called to victory, in time and history, and victory we will have.


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