CCL’s 2018 Agenda: Can You Help?



Since year’s end is the time when a bulk of the annual donations arrive for many ministries, I try to remind you that we at the Center for Cultural Leadership need money and what we need it for. This year is no different, but there’s much else besides.


It was a profound blessing to see a number of you this fall from Middletown, Ohio to Summerville, Pennsylvania to Toronto, Canada to Pratt, Kansas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Dallas and Corpus Christi and McAllen, Texas.


But there’s so much going on, that I must look forward now.


In October Drs. Joseph Boot of the Ezra Institute and Peter Jones of truthXchange and I spent a day and a half in southern Ontario near Buffalo, New York at the magnificent, opulent new manor house of the Ezra Institute situated on 23 acres: the International Centre for Reformational Culture. The Centre will host a number of new culture-transforming events, the chief of which will be the Evan Runner International Academy for Cultural Leadership, an intense but exciting two-week school-in-community designed chiefly for college and grad and seminary students and other young Christian adults to educate and equip them in the foundational truths of cultural redemption: everything from biblical interpretation to the meaning of the comprehensive gospel to presuppositional apologetics to creational norms to Oneism versus Twoism to sexual order to biblical law to the heritage of Christendom to Christian culture to Islam and much else.


There will be a separate, subsequent week devoted exclusively to young Christian adults preparing to enter the arts (the Centre has a full performance venue with theatrical and musical and sound stage). Please be thinking of students you can recommend to apply. Attendance will be capped at about 50 per academy, the first of which is planned for summer 2019. Drs. Boot, Jones, and I will serve as core faculty, and few faculty will be announced soon. The Centre will also house a 40,000+ volume two-story library and research center for academics and sabbatical for select church leaders. The goal in everything will be to bring the Triune God glory by raising up and educating and equipping a generation of Christians committed to the culture-redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ designed to shape all of life and thought.


Our objective is nothing less than a Christian world based in liberty under God’s truth. CCL is a think tank, and the Runner Academy will be CCL’s premier institutional training program. You’ll be hearing much more about the Centre in coming months. Please contact me with any questions.


Judge William Graves’ Prudent Jurisprudence: Essays on Constitutional Liberties and Law is finished and was just mailed to all donors. If you aren’t a donor but would like a copy of this important work that articulates and defends judicial originalism (the Constitution should be interpreted according to the meaning the Framers gave it), please send a gift for at least $50.00. This book includes over 30 original drawings by the author about law, U.S. history, the Supreme Court, and great Americans from George Washington to Clarence Thomas. It will be a boon to Christian lawyers and students and other Christians interested in a Christian judicial philosophy and the Christian history of the U.S.


Next year we plan to release Joseph Boot’s The Self-Destructive Doctrine of Islam and the following works by me: Prayer Changes Things, Creational Theology: An Introduction, and Reformationally Correct: Biblical Protestantism Today. David L. Banhsen’s Crisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame and How You Can Cure will be released by Simon & Schuster early next year.


After 15 years as a small but faithful think tank, CCL is poised to take the next step in expanding influence for Christ the King. But we need money to take that big step. This is the time of year that donors send big donations. We need a pile this year. Can you help us? If you can, please send a check today or donate here:


We must replace about $1000 monthly in decreased donations, so if you can commit to sending $50 to $100 a month or more, I would be most grateful. We are moving ahead, now more than ever, but we need money to do it.


This Advent season we celebrate our Lord’s incarnation. He was born to die and rise again and redeem his people, but not just his people: he is redeeming all areas of life presently under the domain of sin. CCL is preaching and teaching and lecturing and writing and praying in expanding that cultural vision. Can you help us do it?


I need each of you, and I am humbled by your help.


May God bless you as never before during this 2017 Advent season.




For Jesus Christ and Christian culture,


Andrew Sandlin, S.T.D.

Founder and President


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