Church Bulletin Insert, December 2020

All of us recall the tumult of the coronavirus last winter. After much prayer, church leadership has decided in a preemptive move to cancel all public worship and other ordinary meetings for January – April 2021. This is flu season (which could very well include another Coronavirus-like contagion), and we’d rather not take the risk of an outbreak in our congregation due to public worship. Loving your neighbor means not risking exposing him or her to coronavirus, and all of us agree this is more important than meeting in a church building. We will reevaluate this decision for flu season 2022.

Depending on how this new policy goes, we’re also considering canceling public worship during the summer months when so many of our families are away on vacation.

We were encouraged last winter by how many of our congregants preferred this more convenient way to worship on Sunday, especially families with small children, and we believe we can attract many more “virtual” members to our church with this new policy.

This would mean that, moving forward, we would meet for worship in May and in September – December. This will make traditional in-person Sunday worship very special when we do have it. 

Like last winter, we’ll live-stream Sunday worship, and musicians will separately stream our sacred music for the day. Please transmit your tithe and offerings online.

During this time, we encourage small groups, but no more than three people, please.

Please contact the church office about baptism, which will resume in May. Feel free to celebrate your own Lord’s Supper in your home.

Let’s always remember that we can worship just as well alone as we can in a group, and that the church isn’t a building or a meeting, but God’s people wherever they are.


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