John MacArthur on the Abiding Authority of Biblical Law for Modern Nations

In what must be the boldest, most fearless, most biblically drenched sermon by a megachurch pastor in 2020, John MacArthur today declared that: (1) nations must recognize the true God; (2) political rulers must operate according to “biblical law”; (3) biblical law is designed for all nations, not just the Jews; (4) there are no truly secular governments (all are religious, whether good or evil); (5) our culture has transitioned from postmodernism to paganism; (6) “research justice” (the new notion that all research by white heterosexual males is worthless) is a return to jungle tribalism; (7) that unless Gov. Gavin Newsome repents, God will rain down His wrath on him; and (8) God will judge nations that turn from Him and biblical law.

This is John MacArthur, 2020.

One thought

  1. It appears this video by McArthur on biblical law for modern nations is not accessible from utube. Is there another way to view it ?

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