John MacArthur on the Abiding Authority of Biblical Law for Modern Nations

In what must be the boldest, most fearless, most biblically drenched sermon by a megachurch pastor in 2020, John MacArthur today declared that: (1) nations must recognize the true God; (2) political rulers must operate according to “biblical law”; (3) biblical law is designed for all nations, not just the Jews; (4) there are no truly secular governments (all are religious, whether good or evil); (5) our culture has transitioned from postmodernism to paganism; (6) “research justice” (the new notion that all research by white heterosexual males is worthless) is a return to jungle tribalism; (7) that unless Gov. Gavin Newsome repents, God will rain down His wrath on him; and (8) God will judge nations that turn from Him and biblical law.

This is John MacArthur, 2020.

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