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The Creed of Leftism

1. There are no absolute, transcendent standards for this world and, therefore, humanity must create them.

2. The central standard humanity must create is the widest possible human autonomy. There must be no impediment to individual human choice as long as no one else is harmed.

3. The chief social goal is to create the just society, meaning the most extensive equality of results. A person should be entitled to the same benefits as everyone else, irrespective of birth, spiritual condition, family, work, and ethics.

4. Though individuals should be autonomous, they cannot be trusted to contribute willingly to the just society, so it is necessary for especially virtuous and gifted individuals, the elite, to employ political coercion to create that society.

5. Human life is valuable only to the extent that it reflects certain material qualities, and if specific lives like the unborn and the elderly cannot enjoy those qualities, those lives need not be preserved.

6. Human sexuality is a special form of autonomy, and political and cultural barriers to all adult consensual sex should be removed.

7. Linear history is the measure of ethical development, and ethical standards of the past should be continually superseded as society moves toward greater justice.

8. Individuals who do not support this general Leftist vision are morally retrograde and a drag on society and should be marginalized, stigmatized, and penalized.


2 thoughts on “The Creed of Leftism

  1. Brent says:

    Thanks Andrew
    My name is Brent Tremblay. I pastor a Baptist Church up here in Northern Ontario, Canada. Really enjoying your literature.

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