One thought on “Reformational Christianity, Now, More Than Ever

  1. Kristopher Pierce says:

    Hey Dr. Sandlin,

    My name is Kris. You may know my wife and I from a few rows behind or ahead of you and the Mrs. at our weekly gathering with the saints.

    I recently discovered your writings and videos, and I am very much enjoying them. I do have a lot of questions–some which I hope to answer by picking up a couple of your books from Amazon.

    Where do I begin? Let me begin by telling you that the Lord called me out of darkness and into His marvelous light at the age of 13. At the time I discovered that Christianity is more than my personal faith in Jesus Christ. I understood that the Bible presents a world-and-life view, even if I didn’t know to call it a world-and-life view back then. I understood that God wants all of me, not just my Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Fast forward to my twenties when I discover Francis Shaeffer through the writings of Nancy Pearcey. I read Pearcey’s book “Total Truth”. I also led a small band of college students through Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project”. I was quite convinced of a more transformational approach to the question of how King Jesus, and His people, are to relate to culture.

    All of this to say that much of what I hear you saying sounds familiar, even if I have heard it in different contexts.

    Now in my thirties, I have really began to question some of the transformationalist approach that I had previously embraced. One particular book I read that led me to question this approach is “Living in God’s Two Kingdoms” by David VanDrunen. Also, I have been reading alot of Reformed Baptist stuff–Sam Renihan, Richard Barcellos, Sam Waldron, etc. These men seem to me to be in the “two kingdoms” camp, and I have found their arguments persuasive, even if I would still find much to appreciate in the approach of Pearcey, Shaeffer, Rev. Joe Boot, etc.

    Where am I going with all of this? Well, this is all a preface to some questions I have:

    1. Even the most ardent “two kingdoms” folk really believe that God reigns over all, and that the Christian cannot divorce his/her faith from family, work, art, and community life. Many might even agree with the notion of sphere sovereignty. For instance, VanDrunen says that he finds much to appreciate in Kuyper, and believes that his views and those of Kuyper are not that far from each other. Would you agree with VanDrunen’s assessment? Why or why not?

    2. Do you believe that the church is to fulfill the cultural mandate, as well as the Great Commission? If so, how do you interpret Jesus’ words in John 18:36, and how do you square this passage and the Great Commission in Matthew 28 with the notion that Christians are to seek to transform culture, as well as to preach the gospel?

    3. Do you believe there is a legitimate distinction between the mission of the church AS THE CHURCH and the calling of individual Christians to live out the implications of the Gospel in their various vocations?

    4. What would you say to someone who is skeptical of a cultural transformational view because they worry that it might lead to something akin to a social gospel, albeit one with a right-leaning agenda?

    5. Do your views on a Christian Culture depend on postmillennial eschatology? (I myself am a Historical Premillenialist leaning to amillenialism on some days, haha).

    I know you must be a very busy man, and so I will understand if you can’t answer my questions right away. I am very much interested in learning more. I plan to continue making my way through your writings, as well as any resources you would recommend.
    I am open-minded about these issues, and I always want to test my opinions and assumptions to see that they line up with God’s Word. Iron sharpens iron. I look forward to interacting with you in the future. Perhaps over coffee, or a meal?

    God bless you, and continue to use you as you provide resources to the church for these times we live in.

    In Christ,


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