Same-Sex Marriage and Cultural Routinization

mexico_city_gay_marriage-9631The U. S. Supreme Court has paved the way for wholesale cultural routinization of same-sex “marriage.” By “routinization” I mean the blithe acceptance of homosexuality as no more odd than relatively rare human phenomena like red-headedness or left-handedness. We wouldn’t say redheaded or left-handed people shouldn’t marry, would we? This is routinization. It has been a pressing goal of the radical homosexual agenda for a long time. That agenda is winning.

Its next agenda item, cultural hegemony, is to marginalize and oppress anyone who either vocally opposes or, in time, refuses to support homosexuality. When sexual liberty collides with religious liberty in our present climate, religious liberty will always lose, as Benjamin Domenech writes. This is because for decades, and particularly since the Sixties, our nation has marginalized religion (read: orthodox Christianity) and mainstreamed sex (read: illicit intercourse). In this climate, Christianity is vague and ethereal and, at best, a very private matter. Sex, on the other hand, is immediate, visible and pervasive. The need to protect religious liberty seems trifling; the need to protect sexual liberty, on the other hand, is (dare I say it?) orgasmic. This is how religious liberty will erode — is eroding — in the West unless the sexualization program is arrested by godly revival and reformation.

Revival and reformation are more urgently needed now than at any time since possibly the Protestant Reformation. At that time a Christian culture had gone theologically astray. Today a de-Christianized culture has gone ethically astray. Absent reformation, judgment awaits. Or, rather ….

In “The Judgment of Continuity” my colleague Brian Mattson (at his always illuminating blog), writes:

But when we keep on running, keep on sinning, and make it all the way to the doors of the den of iniquity, and in, and past the scary-looking bouncers, and all the way to the bar, and to the back room brothel, and then out again unscathed, we think we’re getting away with it. We’ve avoided judgment. Ha! So there! That wasn’t so harmful now, was it?

But we are deceived, Mattson notes. According to Romans 1, God’s judgment on apostasy (notably idolatry and homosexuality) is often calm continuity, not cataclysmic discontinuity: he lets apostates keep sinning. He allows man to habituate his depravity. This means that wholesale approval of homosexuality (see Rom. 1:32) is itself God’s judgment. The decisions of the Supremes are God’s judgment.

Hellfire comes later.


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