Next, Religious Persecution


The United States is the only nation in world history to have been founded largely to guarantee religious liberty. Today, that liberty is under increasing attack. Obamacare is trying to force Catholic hospitals as well as Christian businesses to provide contraceptives to their patients and/or employees. New Mexico will not allow a photographer to exercise her religious convictions in not photographing a gay “wedding.” A painting in the dining hall of a military base in Idaho was forcibly removed because it contained a Bible verse. Such cases could, unfortunately, be multiplied by the hundreds. For a sampling of such cases, please visit the Alliance Defending Freedom, arguably the nation’s predominant Christian legal organization standing up to the secular bullies crushing religious liberty underfoot.

The Harbinger of Religious Persecution

The next step after the deprivation of religious liberty is religious persecution. Americans (Christian or not) who stand for biblical ethics, particularly biblical sexual ethics, are being shouted down, fired from their jobs, forced to resign, canceled from speaking engagements, and publicly vilified. Publicly vilifying Christians and Christian morality has long been a Marxist technique. What is new is its mainstream use in the United States. This technique has been used in our leftist academia for 40 years. Now it is widespread in the major media, the corporate world, the sports world, and politics. The goal of this technique has always been radical social revolution, meaning: the dramatic secularization of culture and installation of “principled” antinomianism. By “principled” I mean antinomianism enshrined as a coherent public policy, not simply garden-variety antinomianism, which has been with us since Genesis 3. The purging of Christian symbols from all public property, the legalization of same-sex “marriage” and abortion, and the prohibition of religious speech in the military are all examples of “principled” antinomianism.

The proper immediate response to “principled” antinomianism is legal counteraction. The proper long-term response is the creation of Christian culture.

Eventually Western civilization will come down to Christianity or anti-Christianity.

And this means Christian culture or anti-Christian culture.

There will be no middle ground.


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