The chief task of political conservatives in a majority position in modern constitutional republics (like the new Republican Congress) is to impede the relentless progressive rush by (1) protecting the family and the church, (2) slowing the growth of government, and (3) restoring the rule of law. Politicians in such societies are not particularly important in the task of Christian cultural reclamation, despite their frequent sense self-importance; but if they do their job properly, they will make the job of cultural reclamation a lot easier for those Christians who really are significant in that gargantuan work: I mean the homeschool moms and day school teachers, the artists and the architects, the authors and the anchors, the pastors and the plumbers, the auto mechanics and the software developers, the businessmen and -women and halfway house staff, the doctors and the nurses, the attorneys and the theologians, the pop singers and popular bloggers. These are the categories of Christians whom God generally most uses to reclaim an apostate culture — if they are determined to think and act Christianly at all times.