In light of today’s historic Supreme Court decision prohibiting states from defining marriage as it has always been defined — between one man and one woman (even polygamous societies wouldn’t dream of extending marriage to homosexuals) — it’s important to remember that we did not lose the same-sex marriage battle today but, rather, over the last 40 years: on the cultural battlefields, on cable TV and in Hollywood, in schools of architecture and educational theory, in pop music studios and art houses. As elitist as this might sound, until we recapture these spheres of contemporary life, progressive radicals will continue to capture the seats of the most visible political power. Politics is downstream from culture. The progressive radicals discovered this critical factor as early as Italian revisionist-Marxist Antonio Gramsci. If we expect the next 40 years of our culture to be different from the last 40, we had better discover it soon – and act on it.

Our mantra must be, “It’s the culture, stupid.”