Can You Help CCL’s Culture-Redeeming Work in England?


Dear Friends,

If you could help CCL champion Christian culture halfway around the globe, would you do it? Through the help of long-time friends and CCL donors, Sharon and I have an opportunity later this month to visit England (London, Taunton, Cambridge, Dover, and the Lake Country). In addition, by the intervention of CCL colleagues Drs. Joseph Boot and Jeffery Ventrella, I will be addressing the prominent Christian cultural organization in London, Christian Concern, on the topics “Cultural Redemption is Gospel Ministry” and “A Paradigm for Cultural Redemption.” Moreover, we’re scheduled to meet John Hall, Dean of Westminster Abbey. Much more culture-shaping ministry is planned.

The trip is largely, but not entirely, funded. We need an additional $5000 to avoid raiding our ordinary operating expenses. If you can send a special, tax-deductible gift today to help with our strategic trip, would you do it? You can donate here:

England Trip, Redeeming Culture

Of course, I’ll be giving a full report on my return, and periodical updates from England.

If you are a regular CCL donor, you’ll be received this month the Honorable William Graves’ The Constitution and Same-Sex Marriage: The Original Understanding. (Judge Graves is CCL’s new Distinguished Fellow of the Judiciary.) If you want a copy, please contact me.

Clinton Miller’s Redeeming Architecture should be mailed in August, and Dr. Ventrella’s Christ, Caesar, and Self: A Pauline Proposal for Understanding the Paradoxical Call for Statist Coercion and Unfettered Autonomy should be ready in the fall.

By God’s grace, CCL influences Christians to reshape our culture for Jesus Christ by what we write, preach, teach, and pray. Your prayer and money keep us writing, preaching, teaching, and praying.

If you want that influence to increase, please continue to pray — and to give. I need each of you.


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