Social Righteousness versus “Social Justice”

You can’t embrace biblical justice without rejecting “social justice”:

3 thoughts on “Social Righteousness versus “Social Justice”

  1. Mr. Sandlin,

    Thank you, this was excellent. You made many good points. Few young Christians seem to grasp these things today. My friend, Chad, and I recently did a short podcast where we also talked about social justice. I think we see eye-to-eye with you on the issue:

    Also, the articles you write here are simply outstanding. Is there a way to sign up to get updates? I do a little writing online myself:


    1. Ben: thank you so much. That was encouraging. I can get more information to you and sign you up if you can send me your email address in a private Facebook message. I will try to listen to your podcast soon.

  2. Perfect explanation … we live the same ideological problems in Brazil…and leftists can’t understand Christian’s point of view.

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