“Deep Culture”: CCL Symposium Nov. 3

2018 Center for Cultural Leadership Symposium, San Francisco, Saturday, November 3


5634f05a8f3484588f852324The symposium will be held at a lovely, scenic hotel overlooking San Francisco Bay. (To avoid unwanted press and controversy, we don’t publicly disclose the location. Let’s just say that our sociopolitical views are not in harmony with the predominant views in San Francisco.)

Our symposium is not just informative and applicational. It’s also an ongoing community where Christians committed to creating a new God-glorifying society meet, share ideas, and enjoy each other’s company. For older friends, it’s “old-home week.” For new friends, it’s a discovery of a place they’ll want to visit annually.

The event is free, but by invitation only. Please contact me if you wish to attend. If you’re flying in, please contact me about accommodations at the hotel. The event includes a catered lunch.

The theme is Deep Culture: The Deepest Danger and How to Uproot It.”

We’ll have six presentations, but we’re not a “talking head” sort of think tank. You’ll be invited to join the conversation so we can all learn from one another. Here are the topics:

P. Andrew Sandlin: “Deep Culture”

Jeffery J. Ventrella: “Law Follows Culture — Except When it Creates It”

Brian G. Mattson: “Victimhood is Not a Virtue”

David L. Bahnsen: “Economics Creates Culture: Individual Economic Choices” and “Economics Creates Culture: Government Economic Policy” 

Dustin Messer: “The Culture(s) Education Creates” 

Please contact me by FB messenger or at sandlin[at]saber[dot]net. 

You can learn more about CCL here.


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