Knowing Your Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is a complicated ideology and I’ve given a simple explanation, but here I’ll lay out several points by which you can identify this increasingly pervasive intellectual poison.

1. Humanity‘s deepest need is not economic (as the classical Marxists believe), but existential.

2. Every individual must be free to realize himself or herself, to be exactly what that person desires and wants above all else. “Self-actualization” is the great human need.

3. Any social barriers to that self-actualization must be redefined, marginalized, or destroyed. The leading ones are the family, the church, and business.

4. Social evolution from relatively worse to better necessitates incessant conflict. Progress cannot occur in peaceful, mutually beneficial ways as is assumed in classical liberalism — and Christianity. Conflict between humans is imperative.

5. That conflict in the modern world is always between oppressor and oppressed classes, not individuals as such. The chief examples are men versus women; heterosexuals versus homosexuals and transgendered; whites versus blacks, Hispanics, and Asians; First world citizens versus Third World immigrants; and business owners versus employees.

6. Nomenclature weaponized to advance Cultural Marxism includes: toxic masculinity, systemic racism, heteronormativity, white supremacy, intersectionality, neo-colonialism, Black Lives Matter, and cisgenderism.

7. The vast majority of the oppressed are not in a social position to defend themselves, so they require a highly educated, literate, capitalized, and prominent secular elite in education, politics, journalism, media and entertainment to champion their cause.

8. The stipulated goal is comprehensive equality, not so much economic equality, but ethical, moral, and relational equality. Every absolute must be demolished – except for the absolute that there must be no absolutes.

9. Because progress is never possible without conflict, and because progress is never ending, comprehensive equality can never be achieved.

10. Therefore, the conflict of Cultural Marxism must continue “to infinity and beyond,” and any successes are counted as temporary, demanding ever greater conflict.


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